undeadmachinery: Just an idea: maybe you could ask people to post a message on their Tumblr saying you're looking for a co-runner. That might help, and I'll give it a start if you want.

I had someone messaging me in inquiry but I didn’t get a reply after I sent them my last message, but yes, if somebody, can do this, it’ll help A LOT.


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Anonymous: You could always do favorite lines from poetry? that might help out a bit.

This is true. I’m still looking for a co-runner if anyone is interested!

Making skin-lightening cream…


I tan ridiculously easily, and my skin doesn’t ever fade back to my original skin tone for aaaaaaages. I still have a tan from a good 3 years ago (the last time I actually set out to get an tan, that is…)

The recipe I use for home-made skin lightening cream may not work on all skin types, but it has been working quite well on my skin. All the ingredients are natural and good for your skin. There are no chemicals, such as peroxide or ammonia, and you could probably find everything you need in your kitchen!

1/2 cup plain organic yogurt

2 finely ground almonds

1 tbsp. lemon juice

1 tsp. honey

1 pinch ground turmeric

Use the cream before you go to bed, as lemon juice reacts badly with sunlight. And I know you might think turmeric is an odd ingredient as it stains things really easily, but it’s actually one of nature’s best bleaching ingredients, along with almonds and lemon juice.


Goth tip: Sick of your eye shadow creasing and smearing? Buy this eye makeup primer…no more creasing! :D
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supertwitchsavestheday: Please don't die out. This blog means a lot to me.

I’m trying not to. Just with being an unemployed musician, running a side-blog kind of gets hard haha :P

I’m working hard to find a co-runner though, don’t worry.


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